My 2019 Race Calendar



Me running in Änggårdsbergen near the city of Mölndal in July 2018

My "BIG" races for 2019 are now scheduled! My goals are really high and the expectations close to unreal! ??
Problems with that? Not at all!


I love challenges, my daily training is going well, I feel great, my family is with me in this.... This year started with a disappointing DNS but I had to learn back there that there are things we can change or influence and other things we just need to accept! Failure is the second one. But if you learn something from a failure or a disappointment you will win something anyway! Keep high your positivity, fight, work hard and make your dreams happen! ??


I will reboot this season with a tough race, the @istria100 which by the way is my favourite race due to the fact that I have the chance to run 170km through the places where I lived and have visited when I lived there years ago!


The #aktivitustrailrace 61k will follow just weeks after. A fast race where I will try to push a little bit harder.... After that the BUS #backyardultrasydkusten race will follow. The first time I will race a Backyard race! I know the winners! ??


And than..... UTMB - I have a huge goal here! I will do my very best to get my body and mind ready for that adventure! It"s gonna be tough... really tough!


The #Kullamannen 170km race. The toughest 100-mile race in Sweden. The first time for me so I have no expectations. I want to see the course and enjoy the race! ??


I hope to see some of you guys during these races!


How about you? Do you have your 2019 already scheduled with races?! ????


My 2019 Race Calendar

- 100 miles of Istria (12-14 April | 169,5 km)
- Activitus Ultra Trail 61k (27 April | 61 km )
- Backyard Ultra Sydkusten (06 July)
- UTMB (26 august-01 September | 170 km)
- Kullamannen Ultra 100 Miles (1-2 November| ca. 170k)




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