Draisine along Numedalsbanen railway

Everyone that has read Jack London’s book The Road in younger days will for sure understand why some of us still have a fascination for goods trains. Every time I happen to drive or bicycle… More

55622 10 september 2019

Weightpull EM och Tough Viking

Efter att ha kört hela natten igår till färjan kom vi fram 10 minuter innan båten skulle gå. Vi kom med och fick välförtjänt sömn i hytten, till o med Joker låg stilla även om han ville upp på däck så fort någon reste sig upp. Nikita o Alfred tog resan med ro. Nu har vi sovit på hotell så väntar på att...

256745 6 september 2019

Volandstinden hike in Lofoten

From a far distance I could see that the peak was covered with fog, and the risk was to see absolutely nothing when reaching the top. But still me and puppy decided to chance it.… More

55622 23 juni 2019

Lofoten – third edition

Yes, you probable guessed correctly. Me and puppy are finally back in Lofoten again, for the 3 time, it is just something magic about Lofoten, and most people that have been her would most probable… More

55622 10 juni 2019

Roadtrip to Northern Norway

We started in Tinn, Telemark. I had some extra days before work startup, and decided to finally visit my family on the west coast of Norway, so me an puppy drove E134 across Haukelifjell, through… More

55622 5 juni 2019

En flygande start i Dietzenbach!

Mysbyxorna är på, och jag sitter hemma och tar igen mig och begrundar veckan som har gått. Första riktiga hela arbetsveckan på mitt nya jobb på Volvo. Det har varit utmanande, uttröttande, jag har känt mig både dum och smart och allt möjligt. Vi har vart i Tyskland i tre dagar på utbildning och planet...

263296 18 januari 2019

Nordlandsbanen railway journey in North Norway

I love travel by train in Norway, especially long distance railway where you are guaranteed an overdose of scenic landscapes both under, over, in between and straight through the Norwegian mountain world. I have often… More

55622 11 januari 2019

Ryten hike in Lofoten

This hike includes spectacular views to the beautiful Kvalvika beach, with a possibility to make a roundtrip to walk along that tempting beach on a very hot day. But don’t expect to be alone up her in… More

55622 26 augusti 2018

Biking, Hiking and Fishing Tour from Norway to Sweden

For the third time I was ready to start my lil’ solo bicycle tour after finishing my seasonal summer work in Tafjord, Norway. This year I planned to bicycle from Tafjord to Östersund in Sweden. I… More

55622 21 juni 2018

Top 5 outdoor activities along Tafjorden, Norway

The list could be so much longer of course, but I have shortened it down to my 5 favourite adventures from last summer while working at the power- and avalanche center.  There are still stuff I want… More

55622 1 juni 2018