Difference between Tempered Glass, Toughened Glass, and Laminated Glass?

Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass is very strong, durable and often used for security. It is even considered that it is 5 to 10 more than compared to the untempered counterpart. They are made by special process which involves heat and different chemical such as hydrofluoric acid. Moreover, it is used in the home as well as many commercial building projects. One basic quality of this glass is that they are small granular pieces instead of sharp objects. This option is relatively cheaper than compared to other options.

Toughened Glass

The toughened glass is five times more than compared to other glass even if they are of the same size and thickness. They are the result of the tempering process as it is subjected to heat which is followed by a rapid process of cooling. Once they get broke they are formed into really tiny pieces. This way the chances of injury are also reduced. Additionally, they can also stand up to 250 degrees Celsius. Many  shop fronts in London are installed with toughened glass.

Laminated Glass

Another option is laminated glass and it is mostly used in windscreens. Even if they get smashed they do not break down into small pieces as it can be as long as you don`t want to get it replaced. This is because between the glass-plastic (polyvinyl butyral) layer is found. The layer binds them together even if they break down. The glass is soundproof as well as UV protection.

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