Autumn Fishing in the Mountains

We probable had our very last summer days last weekend, so me and puppy have been out in the mountains to enjoy the beautiful autumn colors enhanced by the glowing sun. I decided to bring… More

55622 24 september 2019

Lofoten – third edition

Yes, you probable guessed correctly. Me and puppy are finally back in Lofoten again, for the 3 time, it is just something magic about Lofoten, and most people that have been her would most probable… More

55622 10 juni 2019

Tinn in Telemark

A lot has happened since last blog post, it sure is time for a quick update. Me and puppy are currently living a nomad-ish life alternating between Norway and Sweden. I also have access to… More

55622 13 maj 2019

Hur bra är det för löpning där du bor?

Hur bra förutsättningar finns det att träna där du bor? Är det flackt med många valmöjligheter för intervallpass där farten ska vara jämn? Kanske finns det t o m en tartanbana som är tillgänglig? Är det kuperat för backträning? Har du tillgång till natur att träna i eller är du hänvisad till vägar och...

16099 6 mars 2019

Nordlandsbanen railway journey in North Norway

I love travel by train in Norway, especially long distance railway where you are guaranteed an overdose of scenic landscapes both under, over, in between and straight through the Norwegian mountain world. I have often… More

55622 11 januari 2019

Solar illuminated bird feeder

Feeding wild birds or backyard birds is a great way to learn more about them. They are such fascinating and adorable little creatures. To be successful at the birds dinner table I have eventually learned what to give… More

55622 1 december 2018

White frost river

Winter wonderland is here! Every day is full of beautiful frozen creations of nature – where dull and grey trees, branches and bushes are getting a revamp draped in new crystallized icing suites, looking their very… More

55622 23 november 2018

Enchanted forest

Everything has its charm. Even the moist, slushy and gray days. We just had a period with this weather, and, even if it can crash your mood, it can also result in some cool nature… More

55622 17 november 2018

Offersøykammen hike in Lofoten

I still have a few more hikes and excursions to post from an awesome summer season in Lofoten, saving the very best ones for last. But first, for hikers that are looking for another quick, easy and… More

55622 14 november 2018

Helvetestinden ridge hike in Lofoten

So, here I am back home in Norway again to work through the summer, but this time I choose to work in Lofoten to enjoy the magic landscape together with my puppy Jenta. 10 days biking and… More

55622 28 juni 2018