Icebug Xperience IX Ultra

  1. A new ultra.

    Perhaps it’s your first ultra, perhaps you’ve done lots of them. Either way, IX Ultra will be your best running experience ever. Our 50-mile course is located in a unique landscape in the western parts of Sweden, and we’re confident when saying it’s the most beautiful ultra-race in the world. You will be running along the coastline, on everything from red-colored granite cliffs to elvish forests. Simply, the best things West Sweden has to offer – compressed into one single race.

    Come and experience trail running at its best. Welcome to IX Ultra.

  2. Löpning
  3. 80,00 km
  4. 31 augusti 2019
  5. Icebug Xperience
  7. 10% asfalt, 10% grus, 80% terräng
  8. Hunnebostrand, Bohuslän, Annat, Sverige
  9. Erik, Göteborg
  10. Totalt har 2 medlemmar Icebug Xperience IX Ultra under sina planerade tävlingar.

Planerat deltagande

  Namn   PB  Totalt 2019  Augusti
1. Åsa Pärlered 4:36 1544,8 km 200,3 km
2. Christer Milding 5:00 797,7 km 86,9 km