1974 • Växjö

Masters Lane 1

Onsdag 8 september 2021 20:01

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Med coach Nedal

I got distracted by the swimmers in my group in the other lane so I only swam 650m of the second 800 with fins.

the first 2x 16x50 st 45 with paddles I held 36 +/-.5

the second 2x 8x50 st :40 my times when from 34-35-37-38-38-38-38-38 both rounds. it was stressful. the rest we got was so short that my watch thougth we swim 800s and 400s during these series.
Bild uppladdad av Ryan "Rykno" Provencher
5250   m
1:39   min/100m

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