Delta-8 near Meadow, California

Recently, I read an article in the New York Times that mentioned Area 52`s delta-8-THC products. In the article, a Delta-8 representative who was interviewed denied using Delta-8 cannabis, stating that Delta-8 is a "zero THC product." Delta-8 THC and Delta-8 CBD are both completely different from each other, though Delta-8 CBD is in fact starting to become a popular product. Delta-8 cannabis, also known as Delta-8 THC, is in actuality only one of many Delta-8 products from cannabis companies that contain Delta-8 THC.

Delta-8 is a synthetic compound found in marijuana that mimics THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) without the harmful side effects. Delta-8 has been in use since the late 1970s. Delta-8 cannabis is not smoked like marijuana, but rather, it can be smoked in drinks like coffee or pop, or used as a dietary supplement. Delta-8 has shown promise for reducing nausea in cancer patients and may also be effective for treating anxiety and depression; however, it has not yet been approved by the FDA for these medical uses.

According to a recent article on Marijuana Business Daily, Delta-8 THC and Delta-8 CBD products are starting to enter the marketplace more frequently because Delta-8 CBD products don`t require ingesting the cannabis; rather, Delta-8 THC is administered through the skin in a transdermal patch. This means Delta-8 CBD can be purchased legally over the counter without ingesting the plant. The Delta-8 THC patch can be discovered at various online and local retail outlets.

While Delta-8 cannabis has shown promise as an alternative medicine for certain ailments, including chronic pain and nausea, it has shown less success in treating serious illnesses like cancer and HIV. In addition, Delta-8 CBD does not work to treat seizures and is not an FDA approved product. For these reasons, Delta-8 CBD has been derived from Delta-8 THC via the means of a transdermal patch. Delta-8 CBD is not subject to the same FDA requirements as Delta-8 THC and therefore, Delta-8 CBD is a better solution for patients who are looking for a more pure form of Delta-8.

Recently, a Delta-8 product called Delta-8 Power Pill has been released on the market for medical use. The Delta-8 Power Pill is supposed to be a natural alternative to synthetic marijuana that will relieve medical symptoms related to a number of ailments, including chronic pain and nausea. The Delta-8 product comes in two different formulas. One formula is intended for oral consumption; the other formula is intended for transdermal absorption through the skin. Both Delta-8 products promise to help people who are dealing with medical problems associated with marijuana use. However, medical marijuana users remain dubious about whether Delta-8 Power Pill is, in fact, an effective alternative to Delta-8.

In response to Delta-8`s labeling as a `THC alternative` in comparison to Delta-8, marijuana users have been calling for a boycott of Delta-8 products, including Delta-8 near Meadow. If Delta-8 is truly chosen as a replacement for the delta-8, medical marijuana users may be able to obtain their previously legal stash without fear of prosecution. Unfortunately, if the delta-8 is found on store shelves, medical marijuana users may find themselves in a difficult situation. While Delta-8 is legal under California law, selling Delta-8 in California is illegal without a license. If Delta-8 is found on store shelves, and if a retail license is not obtained, Delta-8 may find itself facing criminal charges for selling an unlicensed product.

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