phonegap app development

The App development market is growing every day to As the mobile app development industry is growing rapidly, there are now tons of services that can be provided, to numerous platforms. Many competent ways of app development have hit the market and one of them is cross-platform app development, which enables the developers to build an application that is compatible with all platforms and also is cost-efficient. There are many aspects to focus on when it comes to hybrid app development, like user experience, framework, and development environment fragmentation, so to make cross-platform app development easy, PhoneGap app development has been introduced in the app development industry, that removes the development environment fragmentation.

PhoneGap, is an open-source hybrid app development framework, with Apache Cordova being its underlying software, made by Nitobi, and Adobe Systems has purchased it. With time PhoneGap has Al`s changed as earlier it required a Macintosh PC, for building up an iOS and Windows PC for building a windows application. But since 2012, it changed and now PhoneGap app development can upload the code to a cloud computer, which enables them to generate apps for various platforms. Phone Gap app development has allowed the developers to build apps using JavaScript, HTML 5, and CSS. Instead of languages like C

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