2020 OW Virtual Grand Slam

Back in April as the world was shutting down I was contacted by Mark Johnston about an online event that he was putting together. It didn’t take more than a day or two and then the event was online, and I was registered and started to recruit others in Sweden and the US to join […]

332972 15 september 10:45

Karl-Oskarsimmet 2020

Saturday the 13th of June was the first time in the history of our local OW race that I actually was able to participate. In 2016, it was a very very small race with two distances; 925m and 1850m. I spent all morning helping to get the race area set-up, then all afternoon on a […]

332972 16 juni 13:29

How my taper effected my million meter challenge

So I did it, I managed to keep my taper plans. It took more will power to follow through with it considering there was no Swedish Nationals to taper for. But luckily for me, my swimmers were up for some practice races and I managed not only to reduce my swimming, but cut back in […]

332972 23 mars 10:28


Ja hur gick de nu då? Inte alls som jag tänkt Jag stötte på eller gjorde nästan alla fel man kan göra. Till att börja med va ja inte helt kvitt förkylningen som hängt över mig som ett svart moln i 2 veckor men skitsamma tänkte jag så länge jag inte har ont i halsen får väl näsan rinna. Lådorna va packade...

256745 4 november 2019

The Viking – 42+km OW

Yeap, you read that correctly, the Viking is a 42+km OW race, where the + is because the actual swim distance is not a straight line. Back in 2011 I remember reading on facebook how a few swimmers swam 21+km together.  They started swimming together and stopped a several times for energy breaks and waited...

332972 24 oktober 2019

Himmel, Hav och Helvete

Det är exakt vad jag ska springa igenom på Kullamannen Ultra 100+ miles. 12 naturreservat och 4300 höjdmeter ska besegras längs med skåneleden Norrvik – Mölle. Starten går den 1’a november kl 09:00 vid skansen Båstad. Jag kommer ha gps tracker så det kommer vara möjligt att följa mig. Kommer man i mål...

256745 15 oktober 2019

Vansbro 2020

I am really hoping to be able to get enough help next year so that I can race in our local OW race on June 13th, but I do know now how my July will start.  Yesterday I registered for 5 races over 8 days in Vansbro. But then a few hours later, they announced […]

332972 9 oktober 2019

Weightpull EM och Tough Viking

Efter att ha kört hela natten igår till färjan kom vi fram 10 minuter innan båten skulle gå. Vi kom med och fick välförtjänt sömn i hytten, till o med Joker låg stilla även om han ville upp på däck så fort någon reste sig upp. Nikita o Alfred tog resan med ro. Nu har vi sovit på hotell så väntar på att...

256745 6 september 2019

Swedish Open Water Nationals

With little to no speed training this summer I thought it would be fun to take Lily back to Gothenburg for a 2500m race to end the season since she seemed to like it last year. So we make it a family getaway weekend. We book a cabin and day passes for Liseberg. Saturday morning, […]

332972 18 augusti 2019

Another 3km race the day after two long races, why not?

So Lily being the cocky daughter she is, she decided a few weeks earlier, that it would be fun to race another 3km Sunday, the day after. Not being one to back down from a challenge, we registered for the 3000m OW swim in Stenungsunds about a three hour drive from home. I wake up […]

332972 13 augusti 2019